Since the summer of 2006 was blazing hot in SHEN ZHEN CHINA, it was also AIABattery‘s start to blazing the trails of the sale wholesale business. The people of the world just wanted a online store where they could find replacement battery for their dead smartphone battery. people couldn’t talk on their phones and families couldn’t take their photos,couldn‘t play games and watch Movies. It was total chaos.then the AIABattery online store has opened up. The people of the world rejoiced as the smartphones replacement battery sprang to life, and the replacement so easy and the price is so lower.

AIAbattery is a leading online wholesaler of cellphone battery, has created the supply chains of smart phone battery aftermarket for 14 years,with a  mission to sent a market standard and promise every customer get benefit.We cooperate with phone repair shops ,distributors and traders,so we fully understand their needs.Today we upgrade our service and offer end to end supply chain solution, from raw material sourcing,  quality control, package to inland and global logistics.Also the sophisticated online shopping procedure will bring you a easier and happier purchase experience.